Arriflex M


The arriflex-m is much like the arriflex-s . They both use the same lens turret and accept the same lenses and use the same motors. The m also has the same single claw and register pin movement that the s has. Other accessories like the matt-box (compendium) and eyepiece-elbows and extensions are the same for both the m and the s. But the m only has a 400ft magazine with no internal capacity like the s has. However, the m has a sync circuit that generates a pilot tone for a tape recorder like a nagra. The m also has an auto slate, which is just a lamp that flash exposes a single frame of film when the camera is turned on, it simultaneously sends a sync tone to the taper recorder. All of the functions are made through three aschuel connections at the rear of the camera.

The particular camera pictured here is an arriflex m/b which means that one of the lens mounts is stainless steal (as opposed to the normal, softer, aluminum) and accepts arri bayonet mount lenses.


The arriflex-m like the s is a noisy camera. The arriflex 16mm blimp that fits the arriflex-s does not fit the arriflex-m.

It may be possible that Arri made a blimp for the M but it is unknown to the author of this web site.

Shooting Trees is a short film with the arriflex-m pictured below.


photo by blair whiting