Graflex/Palmer 16mm Mechanical Interlock Porjector


This is a Graflex 16mm projector that has been converted by the Palmer Company in California, into a sound track interlock projector.  The sound track is a 16mm fullcoat magnetic perforated film, and runs at the same speed as the optical film, 24 sprocket holes per second.  This projector is curently being used in the tradtional way but also as a controller for a multi channel digital sound system.  This is achieved by striping a SMPTE signal to the fullcoat that is paired with an edited print.  The SMPTE signal is fed to a time code converter.  The signal is converted to MTC (midi time code) and is used to synchronize a computer sequencer, like Vegas or Cooledit pro, to the film.  The result is a high fidelity (24bit 96khz) multi-channel (up to eight channels) sync sound playback with an original 16mm edited print of the the film.2