Sound Effects

updated December 13th, 2008

If you use any of these sounds in a project please just give credit to owyheesound, and if you like you could send me a quick email with the production title so I can mention it here.

Click to download:

Rain 1

Rain 2

Rain 3

Keys jingling

Birds in a quiet forrest

Ducks in a park

Dogs in a park



Choking (with effect)

Bite Chew Crunch

Car interrior (blinker on)

Car Door Shut

Birds in the forrest (guns in the distance)

AK 47 with long echo

Urban Creek (at Ann Morrison Park)

Traffic Noise

Car door shut

Car door 2

Mexican party outdoors walla

Eire Voices (acoustic recording, no effects processing)

Analog Synth Soundscape (outerspace, spaceship type sounds - all minimoog)