Grip Truck


Pictured here is a 1976 Chevrolete 2-ton custom modual van.  It was originally built to be used as an amublance.  After several years of service it has found it's way to being the owyheesound main production vehichel. 


Presently it is equiped with, or can be equiped with:

4-Mathews 8k Soft lights
2-Mathews 4k Soft lights
4- Mole Richardson 5K Seniors with stands
6- mole Richardson 2K Juniors with Colortran stands
2- Mole Richardson 1k Babies with short stand and tall stands
1-Mole Richardson 250watt Midget fresnel
1-Mole Richardson 1k nook light
3-500 watt focusable open face pars
assorted pin spots and special effects lights

Assorted stands
3-Heavy Combo stands
4-Baby stands
6-Junior stand
1-electric Molevator

1-4'X4' Mirror board
4-4'X4' dappled Shinney Boards
4-2'X3' shinney boards
4'X8' white bounce card, 4'4 bounce card
4'X6'diffusion screen and other smaller diffusion
4'X6' 45° high temp egg-crate
8'X16' leafy netting
Assorted cut gels

3-50' 20amp power cables
100' 6 circuit 20amp cable
assorted small cables
220amp remote tie-in service panel
All systems either Edison or Bates paddle distribution

McAllister Hydrollic dolly (Similar to a Moviola or Fisher dolly) (mitchell mount boom)
Fearless Pnanoram camera dolly (mitchell mount boom)
Vinten Tri-Track dolly
Mitchell tall tripod sticks (mitchell mount)
Arri baby tripod stick (mitchell mount)
Mitchell large friction head (mitchell mount)
ITE craddle head (television style) (mitchell mount)
Medium sized cradle head (mitchell mount)
Worrall geared head (mitchell mount)

Mathews Tulip crane 50' of track, floatation wheels, skymote extension all available

Italiana Mechanica crane with 8' of track

Portable DeVry 35mm Dual system interlock projector (for projecting dailies in synch with digital location audio)

Portable Palmer/Graflex 16mm dual system  interlock projector (for projecting dailies in synch with digital location audio)

6- CB channel walkie talkies
2- hands free fm walkie talkies

Small fog machine

2- fire extiguishers

2- folding chairs

Various rope


Ratchet Straps

Assoted arial fireworks


Bottle Jack