Mitchell 16 Blimp

This blimpwas designed to house the Mitchell 16mm camera. As owyheesound does not have a Mitchell 16mm camera a full detail of this blimp can not be given.  However, the picture below show a Krasnogork-K3 placed inside the large housing to show scale.  The housing is so roomy that with a few modification the blimp could be used with a variety of cameras. 2


The parallel viewfinder is from a Mitchell BNC 35mm camera.  However, the wide angle viewingon the parallel view finder match exactly to the wide reflex viewfinder on the K3 making this combonation a good match. However, some small parallax guides would have to fabricated to make the parallel viewfinder work well with the K3.1

 This blimp was purchased with a large AC syncronous motor that engages the the follow focus.  It is doubtlessly a early electronic follow focus control or possibly a motion control device.  After some investigation the current theory is that it is a Selsinator Interlock Follow Focus.  If this is the case the control portion is missing. 

The above pictures shows a Bolex H16 in the blimp with the follow focus engaged.