McAllister Camera Dolly

pictured here with a Mitchell BNCR camera supported by a Worrall Geared head.


The dolly features two sets of actuators, one large actuator for the boom and three small actuators that work in unison to raise the head mount (mitchell mount). The hydraulic system has an electric motor pump and a manual hand pump.  Either of which will pressurize the accumulator up to 2000lbs of pressure.  With the accumulator pressurized the system will run silently for several full extensions of the actuators.  The actuators are controlled by variable flow switches which give very precise control over the speed of the dollies movements.1

The dolly has two types of steering, regular two wheel follow steering, and four wheel crab steering. Each of these steering modes, as well as a steering lock, are selected with the right thumb control on the steering handle.

Four seat post receivers are on the deck and can be used for seats or for equipment shelvs, or even elevated deck platforms.

Six side post receivers are found around the front and sides of the dolly which can be used for deck extensions (running boards) or for handles to lift and or load the dolly into trucks or up steps.

The dolly has pneumatic wheels that allow for smooth movement over semi rough surfaces like sidewalks or smooth asphalt without the use of rails (dolly track).

The dolly is pictured below with several of it's body panels off. These panels were removed to correct some steering problems caused by damage in shipping.