Back Woods Slayer


An owyheesound, GCM production this film is about the mistake of urbanites attempting to recreate in the back woods. An informative film designed to educate folks to stay in the cities and away from remote isolated towns in the woods. Filmed in super 8mm with sync sound this film is intended to scare folks into staying where its safe, out of the back woods.

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Other details about the film:
The film was shot in Super 8mm reversal black and white of varying Kodak stocks and was transferred to digital video by owyheesound directly. While location audio was captured none of it was used in the final presentation as the two Super 8mm cameras that were used were very noise and could be heard on all the takes.  So, all the audio was replaced approximately six months after the original production date. This is very typical of owyheesound film productions. Location production began at approximately at 2pm on a Saturday and wrapped up around Noon the following day. Some time was taken during the night for sleeping, though this was difficult due to the paranormal occupancies at the location.

Talent: Leyla Baldassarre, Kim Barker, Nathan Snyder, Stephen Baldassarre.
Directed by Nathan Snyder
Photographed by Stephen Baldassarre, Nathan Snyder.
Written by Nathan Snyder.
Edited by Nathan Snyder
Music by Stephen Baldassarre
Encoded for the WWW by Nathan Snyder