This motion picture was owyheesound's first film project of significant production. It also represents the first collaboration with NorthEnd Films and Small Pond Films.  Mostly a serious piece Glimpse is the story of a man who has prematurely come to the end of his life. The movie attempts to tell of his personal method of letting go of his life.

Glimpse was shot using an arriflex-s camera. The S is a noisey camera but it was chosen for it's rock solid transport of film. All sound was added in post production.  This treatment of sound was inspired by the classic Italian cinema convention.

Gabino Reynoso wrote and stared in the film.  His family contributed much to the film also. And much of the  credit needs to go to Kim Barker who, with no prior experience, designed an efficient and well planned production schedule. She also acted as the film's producer/production mamager.  This film would never have been completed in such a timely manner if at all had it not been for Kim's tremendous skill at organizing.

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Some Production facts

No lighting was used except for the lights in the garage scene and those were just practicles (real lights not studio or set lights).
However, bounce cards (reflector cards) were used generously. The sun provided the light and the cards put the light in the right places. The fire scene was all light by the fire. No extra light was needed.  Film Still Rocks!
Location sound was recorded so the actors could use the original recordings to match their original performance timing and inflections for the ADR.

Talent Gabino Reynoso, Jessica Reynoso, Tate McCullough, Nick Stewart S., Will Schmeckpeper, Liz Lerma .
Directed by Nathan Snyder
Photographed by Nathan Snyder
Production Design by Kim Barker
Grips Carly Latimoore, Andrew Ellis, Olivia Reynoso.
Written by Gabino Reynoso.
Edited by Nathan Snyder
Music by Nathan Snyder
Encoded for the WWW by Nathan Snyder.