An Idahoan take on the Yeti / Saskwatch / Big Foot theme this film was shot on Sankyo super 8mm camera equiped with a cinemascope lens.    Don't expect to much  as only one 50 foot cartridge was used for a shooting ratio of 1:1.2, and the entire story was impromptu. But what else should you do if your out snowmobiling and you have both a camera and a gorilla costume? The file is a real media file and is about 7M.  Many viewers think its worth the download. Simpy click on the "real player" link to download the "original silent" real media file. To download the new "sound version" click on the "windows media" link.

If you are interested in having a DVD of the film to see it in full resolution, both in letterbox and anamorphic (wich would require a video projector equiped with a 2X anamorphic lens), please contact Nathan Snyder for both the DVD and complete instruction on retrofitting a video projector with an anamorphic lens.

To find out more about the anamorphic process check out owyheesound's mini-DV Scope page.

This page has been linked to by BRAINTRUST dv .  It is a worth while website which attempts to "understand electronic cinema on its own terms..."
This film is also refered to in the essay "The Rise and Fall and Rise and Fall and Rise of Video" by Alejandro Adams. It is a very interesting read and is recomended by owyheesound.

Click here to watch the original version that the Braintrust dv article refers to.

A redux version of this film has been completed.  It includes all the sound effects and some dialogue needed to make this piece of camp more campy. This new version screened at the Small Pond Films December 2004 screening and was well received. Click here to download the windows media file of the redux version.

Talent: Eric Jones, Bucky Snyder, Kim Barker.
Directed and Photographed by Nathan Snyder
Edited by Nathan Snyder
Music by Bucky Snyder (original version)
Encoded for the WWW by Nathan Snyder