Killer on the Trestle

This film was merely the test roll shot to try out the Krasnogordk K-3. The camera was purchased in used condition and was shipped from Russia via LA.

On the way out to a remote location, a script was written so we could at least have fun exposing the film. The story is about a troubled man seeking revenge on two evil women who killed his wife for sport. The scene is of his taking revenge near there harpie hideout in the desert.

The film was shot at 24 frames per second  on the K-3 equates to 1/60th of a second exposure time. Kodak 200 ASA Black and White Reversal film was used so we could project it immeadiately upon development.  A home telecine process was used so there is a flicker throughout this film.

The K-3 prooved to have a huge problem as is evident from this film.  The main sprocket which has the job of both pulling down the unexposed film and loading it up on the takup reel was missing occasionaly on the pulldown.  So, the film would pull tight and lift the pressure plate causing the film to jump resulting in the visible defect.

All the sound was added in post production.  No audio gear was present at the shoot.

Anyway, here are two versions of the film in real player format:

Click here to download the real media file

Talent: Leyla Baldassarre, Kim Barker, Nathan Snyder.
Directed and Photographed by Nathan Snyder, Kim Barker.
Written by Leyla Baldassarre, Kim Barker, Nathan Snyder.
Edited by Nathan Snyder
Encoded for the WWW by Nathan Snyder