The Little Man

This is a novel little film shot in 16mm.  It is a collaboration between North End Films and owyheesound. Shot in a single day this film signifies the continuation of an on-going relationship between North End Films and owyheesound.

A real pistol, loaded with blanks, was used for the "exterminator" scene, but the fog pest-o-cide was actually just a vacume hose hooked to a discount fog machine.


Talent: Erin VanEglen, Dean, Kevin,
Nick Stewart S., Will Schmeckpeper.
Directed by Andrew Ellis
Photographed by Nathan Snyder
Grip Ray Chacko
Art Design by Kim Barker
Written by Andrew Ellis
Edited by Andrew Ellis
Music by Nathan Snyder
Encoded for the WWW by Nathan Snyder

Download  The Little Man  windows media file.

This film has been honored with a FIRST PLACE award at the 3rd annual Dead 8 film festival in Boise, Idaho.