Photographing Zombies and the Surreal Object

This is a short documentary about a photo shoot of Kim Barker's.  The photo shoot is a film shoot using two medium format cameras, a Kiev 88 and a Plastic Holga. The subject were five actors made up as Zombies. 

For those of you looking for examples of 2X anamorphic lenses used with video cameras, here is a reasonable example  The short was actually shot using two cameras.  One of the cameras was fitted with an anamorphic lens and the other camera had no other special devices.  The 4:3 footage was fitted to the cinemascope format by centering it in the wide screen. This unusual move results in a wide screen presentation that has a unique feel.The footage was cut together mixing the two formats throughout the piece. The first actual anamorphic shot shows up after about 4mins. The format of the final encoded image is actually 3:1. (very wide) The mini-DV camera used with the anamorphic lens has a format of 720X480 for a format of 1.5:1 (streaming media does not have safe areas) and since a 2X anamorphic lens was used the final product would be twice as wide.