Prospector Pete No.1

The first of a silent film series mimicking the style of antique films from the silent era. A western theme is the basis for the films which are written, and directed by Kim Barker of owyheesound.

Shot in the Boise Basin, in the Idaho City / Centerville area this film does reflect, though in a rudimentry and comical way, an actual way of life that was true to this part of Idaho in the later half of the 19th century.

This film was shot in 16mm black and white reversal stock. It was transfered by owyheesound using a two pass process to increase the appearant latitude of the video capture. Because the latitude of the film was so wide and the latitude of the video camera capturing was so narrow, a single pass capture resulted in a very contrasty image. So efforts were made to make two passes. One pass where the video camera was set to capture the detail in the highlights of the film's image and a second pass were the video camera was set to capture the detail in the shadows of the film's image. These two passes were composited using Sonic Foundry's Vegas. The result is the very filmy look of the piece.

Talent: Leyla Baldassarre, Kim Barker, Nathan Snyder, Stephen Baldassarre.
Directed by Kim Barker
Photographed by Kim Barker
Written by Kim Barker.
Edited by Nathan Snyder
Digitized by Nathan Snyder
Music by Nathan Snyder
Encoded for the WWW by Nathan Snyder

Download the real media version of Prospector Pete Episode 1