Thai Chicken

This film was produced by FTB for the 2005 i48 film competition. To go to the 200t True West film festival the film's audio was remixed by owyheesound.

The following is a description of the creation of "Thai Chicken" by Chad Rinn of FTB:

"Thai Chicken was made as part of the 2005 i48 (48 hour movie contest). Just to complicate things further we also decided to complete Thai Chicken the comic book for the 24 comic book challenge that took place that same weekend. Although we had worked with the anamorphic lense before, it did add some unexpected complications. It takes a little getting used to looking at the tall skinny image while filming and imagining what it will look like when it is stretched out. And remembering the best way to stretch it out almost made us miss the 48 hour deadline. We made both deadlines (comic and movie), but the audio in the movie wasn't what he hoped for, and some of the handwritten lettering in the comic got lost in the margin. After the contests were over, Nathan Snyder was nice enough to give the audio on Thai Chicken the movie a helping hand, and we are still looking for the time to fix the lettering on Thai Chicken the comic book."

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