The Fall

This films was shot in South West Idaho, which is a high plains desert. However, a century ago agriculture became viable in the area due to a system of irrigation that involves a series of dams and canals.  This is in contrast to the area that is made reference to in the film, namely Nebraska. Agriculture is of a wholly different sort there. That said the plot for this film is still a mystery. However, you can see the follow up film to this piece called "The Uprise."

"The Fall" was shot to test an arriflex-s camera which as it turns out works great.  The film used, however, was a reversal medium speed and did not result in the best image possible. But, the film itself is not so bad considering home telecine was used for transfer.

Talent: Stacy Pottle, Will Schmeckpeper.
Directed and Photographed by Nathan Snyder.
Written by Will Schmeckpeper
Edited by Nathan Snyder
Encoded for the WWW by Nathan Snyder

Download a real media version of  The Fall (700kb)