The Uprise

In this super short film there are three characters. Two men who have seemingly just committed some evil deed and one unseen woman who we only know of because of her vocal anti-sentiments towards Nebraska. This Nebraska reference is a theme that connects this film with "The Fall" and in a larger way connects many Idahoans with there not so distant ancestral past.

This short was a reactionary work to the film "The Fall." The Uprise was shot in a single afternoon on DV-CINEMASCOPE. It is a reasonable example of how an anamorphic lens can be used to create a stunning effect using any video camera.

This film is also a good example of the importance to take care to make sure that the anamorphic adapter is properly aligned. If you will notice that the entire image of the film tilts to the right slightly.  This was due to a small alignment error. To learn more about dv-scope check out this page.

Talent: Eric Jones, Stephen Baldassarre, Kim Barker.
Directed and Photographed by Nathan Snyder.
Written by Nathan Snyder
Edited by Nathan Snyder
Music by Nathan Snyder, Eric Jones, Stephen Baldassarre.
Encoded for the WWW by Nathan Snyder

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